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Wiston Cap

Watkin'sImported Fly

In our own kennels we are blessed with Imported Shep, Watkins's Imported Fly, and Meg as inheritors of Cap's winning nature, beautiful appearance and powerful working style.


The Wiston Cap Type

Carefully bred down from the famous J. M. Wilson's Wartime Cap, Wiston Cap became the most popular stud dog of the breed. Wiston Cap, bred by W. S. Hetherington, trained and handled by John Richardson was the 1966 International Shepherd's Champion. He was a stylish worker, very outgoing, good natured strong hill dog with a commanding presence on stock and a charismatic bidable winning way off stock. Wiston Cap was the sire or grandsire of six International Supreme Champions before he died at 15 and half years old. He became a legend in his own time that not only lives on today but will influence our breed for many years to come.

Wartime Cap

The Cap type is distinguished by their splashy markings, their relatively short, almost stocky body style, their wonderful personalities, stellar natural outruns and prick or nearly prick ears. They are loyal, dedicated and tireless workers that form a true partnership with their human.


Imported Shep